OVer 51 Italian Doctors Who Tested Positive For Coronavirus Have All Died From The Disease

Italian Association of Doctors have succumbed to coronavirus precautions as 51 doctors died after testing positive for deadly virus.

According to the Italian National Institute of Health, more than 6,000 health workers have been infected by coronavirus as of Thursday.disease as 51 doctors died after testing positive for the deadly virus.

The Europe country has the highest COVID-19 death toll of any country in the world, Out of over 86,000 cases of coronavirus in the country as of Friday, there were over 9,100 deaths.

The president of the association,Filippo Anelli, on Thursday called for doctors in the country to be provided with more personal protective equipment (PPE).

Anelli told The Financial Times in a Thursday article,

“The dead do not make a noise. Yet, the names of our dead friends, our colleagues, put here in black and white, make a deafening noise.”

“The first thing to do is to protect healthcare workers, to make sure they are not the ones spreading the virus. Our doctors have been sent to war unarmed,”


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