Ogboni confraternity cult head offers to perform rituals to cleanse Nigeria of Coronavirus

The spiritual head of the Ogboni confraternity worldwide,Oba Abdul Olakisan Adetoyese, has said that he is ready to offer spiritual cleansing for the Federal government to cleanse the virus from Nigeria.

The Aborigine Ogboni leader said that the Coronavirus pandemic is not an ordinary one and that it requires a spiritual solution to deal with it.

The Ogboni head, called on traditional rulers and other religious leaders especially Muslims and Christians to also embark on spiritual activities to curb the menace of Coronavirus ravaging the entire world.

In a statement he released in Osun state,“I offered to embark on spiritual activities to curb the disease in the country and I will meet with some selected Governors in the South West on ways to avert the spread of the disease.

“The disease is not an ordinary one and it demands spiritual solution to send it packing. Several terrible epidemics in the past had always been tackled through spiritual means even when there was no medical or scientific know-how.

“Also, I am ready to appease the gods through rituals in some selected cities within the South West region as a means of solving the epidemic”

Though,he statement got backlash from Nigerians condemning his utterances,some Nigerians wrote: You can appease the gods to cleanse flu virus but ur gods can’t cleanse our politicians who have unwittingly killed millions of Nigerians since 1960 – Oga go and sit down jahre . Yeye dey smell.

“This guy is smelling… people like this should be stone to death . Why can’t this fool clean Nigeria from poverty first. Low life whatever he called himself.

“Spiritual prayer to combat the Coronavirous . ?Nigerian started again O . Why can he initiate spiritual work to call out Abu Mohammed Abubakar from sambisa forest ,the man ,that have killed Nigerian more than the world deaths of Coronavirous combined together.

“You have spiritual powers to cleanse the land yet Nigeria has been on the down low since 1960 and your cleansing didnt work right?.

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