Prince Harry Wants everyone to call him ‘Harry’ henceforth

Prince Harry want to drop the word “prince” and also the word “royal” he now wants to be simply addressed as “Harry”, weeks after he and his wife, Meghan Markle announced that they will be taking a step back from their positions as senior members of the royal family.

Introducing him to the stage on Wednesday at an event for his sustainable travel initiative, Travalyst, in Edinburgh, Scotland,the Duke of Sussex revealed he’d like to be on a first-name.

Host, Ayesha Hazarika, introduced the person sixth in line for the British throne as “Harry.”

She said; “He’s made it clear that we are all just to call him Harry, so ladies and gentlemen please give a big, warm Scottish welcome to Harry.”

Harry is still permitted to use his royal titles — Sir or His Royal Highness — for a few more weeks, but has agreed to give up the descriptors when he officially steps back from the family on March 31.

Harry and Meghan will also give up the use of the brand name Sussex Royal “given the specific UK government rules surrounding use of the word ‘Royal.’”

Meghan Markle and (Prince) Harry recently revealed their entire royal exit plan, including giving up their use of the term royal, keeping their security detail, and closing their offices in the royal court.


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