North Korea Govt ‘executes trade official suspected of having coronavirus for visiting a public bath’

North Korean trade official has been executed for going to a public bath after he broke the terms of his coronavirus quarantine.

The official had been placed in medical quarantine after travelling to China, with Kim Jong-un imposing military law to enforce the lockdown.

The Dong-a Ilbo newspaper report that,the trade official was arrested and immediately shot after risking the spread of coronavirus by visiting the public bath.

The trade official was reportedly quarantined under a policy of isolating anyone who had been to China or had contact with Chinese people.

He is said to have fallen foul of a decree by Kim Jong-un which vowed to ‘rule by military law’ against anyone who left quarantine without approval, one insider added.

Pyongyang also said to have closed its border with China and banned entry to all foreign tourists.

The North Korean government has claimed that there have been no cases of coronavirus within its borders with China. But media outlets in the North Korean capital have admitted that some citizens have been quarantined.

Another official is said to have been exiled to a North Korean farm after trying to cover up his travels to China.

The second official was reportedly a member of the secretive kingdom’s National Security Agency.

Government institutions and foreigners living in North Korea were expected to obey it ‘unconditionally

Pyongyang announced that quarantines had been extended to 30 days, beyond the 14-day period recommended by world health.

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