Meet 25-year-old US woman Paigey Miller who lives as a baby to make money

A 25-year-old US woman identified as Paigey Miller who wakes up every morning in a crib. After her morning diaper change.

She spends her time playing with toys in her nursery and creating online content for the ABDL community.

Paigey Miller has gained some prominence on the internet as she lives her life as a fulltime baby, wearing a diaper, playing with toys and sleeping in a crib.

Paigey Miller7

Miller belongs to a fetish community – adult baby diaper lovers – known as ABDL and she spends around £250 (₦117,293) a month on nappies to maintain her lifestyle as a full-time baby.

Miller isn’t deterred by negativity from those that don’t understand her lifestyle – despite constantly being questioned about her intelligence.

According to source, She has set up her own subscription service and has 426 paid subscribers who send her the money she needs to live as a baby.She has been living this way since May 2018 and wants to normalise the lifestyle for others.

Paigey Miller

Miller said, 1 still has to do normal adult things like paying bills on top of the responsibility of being in the ABDL community. She is also engaged to her partner of five years. Miller explains that he’s not part of ABDL but supports her lifestyle.

When she turned 18, Miller started searching the web to see if there were other people like her and she ended up finding a whole community.

Paigey Miller

“One of the most prominent feelings people have is shame so I decided to go public. I made a YouTube channel. I made a website. It’s all about how to live your best adult baby life.

“I get a lot of people questioning my intelligence. They ask why a normal intelligent person would live this way. I don’t respond to negativity. It doesn’t warrant a response. Lines of consent are really important to me. In my daily life, I don’t push my lifestyle on anybody else.”

“We like to play with toys. We’re brought joy by the things we did as little kids. I collect Polly Pocket and Barbies. I like to play with my stuffed animals.”

Paigey Miller says her YouTube channel and website have helped others feel less alone in their fetish.


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