How to change Nigeria spectranet SSID & WIFI Password

As the says goes, information is power, the different between the rich and the poor is the information at disposal. With spectranet 4G you can access information at easy.

In our today discussion we are going to talk about how to change your WIFI user ID and password at the comfort of your zone

Spectranet Password and SSID can simply be change via your self portal by following the instruction given below.

Device Type Device Model IP Address
CPE               E5172    
CPE              Tozed P21
CPE                 B310      
MiFi             E5573       
MiFi        Freedom M022T
MiFi        Pebble 5800   

change Spectranet Wifi Password on laptop or desktop

Connect your device to your computer using LAN or USB cable

*Enter your device address ip from the above in your browser.
*  Enter  your username and password is usually
defaults: “Username: admin”; “Password: admin” This only applicable if you havn;t change your id

*Choose the Wifi setting from the left menu.
* Change your Wifi in the WPA key bar.
*Click – Apply Changes

Android phone Method

*Turn on your adapter and enter Wifi settings IP address from above

*Press on this connection and hold until the additional menu appears

* Select “Connection” or “Change a Configuration”
*In the appeared window Enter the new password from the router parameters
*press “Save”

Pls Note:Do Not Change Any Other Settings as this may affect the functioning of your device and internet connectivity


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