Egypt reports First coronavirus case in Africa as death toll nears 1,400

Since the outbreak of deadly coronavirus from Wuhan in China, Egyptian Health Ministry has confirmed its first case making it the first in Africa.

The northeast Africa authorities revealed they have notified the World Health Organization and the patient has been placed in isolation in a hospital for treatment and monitoring.

In a statement Friday, Health Ministry spokesman Khaled Mugahed said the person was a “foreigner” who is carrying the virus but not showing any serious symptoms.

Officials were able to confirm the case through a follow-up program the government implemented for travelers arriving from countries where the virus has spread.

Egypt is believed to be the 28th country in the World to record a case of the killer virus and it is the first in Africa.

The United Arab Emirates has reported eight cases of the disease, in what appear to be the only other infections in the Middle East.

Since the outbreak of the killer virus from Wuhan in China, more than 64,000 cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed around the world and 1,363 people have died so far.

China authorities have placed some 56 million people in Hubei under quarantine since late last month, in an unprecedented effort to stop the new coronavirus from spreading.


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