Computer Keyboard Shortcuts Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

There are numerous ways to enhance your skill on the PC, and you can be rest assured and certain that you will get to learn something new.

In this article, some of the most handy computer tricks have been compiled, which you should take advantage of. The main aim of this educative information is to help facilitate your experience handling a PC.

As a computer user or operator, you can facilitate the operation of your device by learning how to competently perform a few tricks on the the computer.

In contradiction to the opinions of several persons, you don’t have to be a professional computer expert in order to know some productivity hacks for your PC.

Prior to this moment, several guidelines and tips have been published online. However, some of these tips can no longer be used, since they are now outdated and irrelevant.

Hence, current and significant information on general computer tricks have been provided in this article.


  • How To Bring Back A Closed Tab

It’s pretty painful when you are surfing the internet using your PC, and suddenly, you unfortunately close a tab.

You will be have no choice but to start your work all over again, which is really disturbing and stressful. But the good news is, closed tabs can be restored back. Excited to know this, aren’t you?

To restore back your closed tab, simply press Ctrl + Shift + T to reopen that particular tab that was closed. If you’re a Mac user, press Cmd + Shift + T.

  • Multiple monitor control and Window snapping

To make your Window to quickly snap to each side of either monitor, you should only press the ‘Windows’ key + Arrows. An alternative way to perform this simple trick is to simply hit Shift + Windows key + Arrows, which will cause the Window to jump to the other monitor instantly.

For Mac users, their PC doesn’t support Window snapping. However, an app called “magnet” can help resolve that. It’s a very cheap software, not exceeding one dollar.

  • Protecting your files

Do you want to prevent a random person from accessing your files or personal data? Simply lock down access to the specific files by creating an encrypted archive.

This can be made possible when you must have installed a copy of 7-Zip, WinRAR, or the Unarchiver (for Max users). Just get a new archive created, select to encrypt its data, and don’t forget to finally password guard them.

  • YouTube keyboard shortcuts

Typically, you can make use of the spacebar to pause a YouTube video, which is very effective. But sometimes, this might not work, especially when the focus is elsewhere. Thus, alternatively use the ‘K’ key to pause a YouTube video.

Also,  hitting key ‘J’ and ‘L’, can be used to backward or forward the clip. Lastly, you can easily mute the video by pressing the ‘M’ key. It is very handy.

  • Finding your Wi-Fi password

As a windows user, to find the password of your Wi-Fi, simply go to the “network and sharing center”, and you will find the Wi-Fi network connection icon/Wireless Properties. Click on the icon, and also the “show characters” box to reveal your password.

  • How to minimize all Windows

Whenever you have a lot of stuff running, and you have no idea how to make them go away, so you can get back to the desktop, you don’t have to bother yourself using the minimize button for every Window. Simply press the Windows key + D, which will minimize everything simultaneously.


All these tricks and more can be helpful in operating your PC effortlessly. Even though the operation of a computer seems pretty complex to some persons, you can counter such a belief by learning various handy tricks to enable you use your device with ease.


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