Jeff Bezos adds $13.2 billionto his fortune in just 15 minutes After Amazon Stock Surge

The world’s richest person,Jeff Bezos added $13.2 billion to his fortune in about 15 minutes After Amazon Stock Surge, making him the world’s richest ever.

The Amazon founder net worth is about $129.5 billion. He owns about 12% of Amazon’s outstanding stock,His ownership of closely held Blue Origin accounts for about $6.2 billion.

The late surge Thursday added more than $90 billion to Amazon’s market value, pushing it above $1 trillion.

Bezos, 56 ex-wife, MacKenzie Bezos, 49, also has motive to celebrate, as she owns about 4% of the Seattle-based retailer. She started the day as the world’s 24th-richest person, with a $37.1 billion fortune.

At the contemporary price, the Amazon founder traded places with Bill Gates for the identify of the richest man or woman in the World in recent months.

After an Amazon news release for the fourth quarter revealed that sales went up 21 percent during the holiday quarter on Thursday, the news sent the stock up by about 12% to $2,100 after-hours trading, adding a swift $12.8 billion to Bezos’ fortune in about 15 minute


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