YouTuber of 2019 top earners: 8-year-old Ryan Kaji tops list with $26m

8-year-old Ryan Kaji is the highest paid YouTube star in 2019 after raking in $26 million from his YouTube channel, Ryan’s World.

In 2018, young Ryan Kaji was just 7 years old and he was named as the highest-paid Youtuber for the year. He was on a fast build in his incredible net wealth since 2016.

The channel first launched in 2015 but by the 2016-17 year, he had already earned $11 million. This made him number 8 on the highest-paid Youtuber list for that year, but by the following year, he made it to the number one position with earnings of $22 million.

Ryan Kaji

Ryan has 23 million subscribers and reportedly owns a production company which employs 28 people. He releases a new video for his subscribers every day. His most popular video has 1.9 billion views and it is a five minute 56 second clip of him running around on an inflatable in his garden, retrieving plastic eggs with toys inside.

The most viewed video on Ryan’s World is HUGE EGGS Surprise Toys Challenge with inflatable water slide, which was released in 2017 and has 1.9 billion views. In contrast, PewDiePie’s most viewed video on his channel, titled (Expletive) Lasagna and which was released in 2018, has just 231 million views.

In April 2019, Nickelodeon released Ryan’s Mystery Playdate, a live-action series aimed at young viewers which focuses on Kaji and his parents performing a series of challenges like unboxing puzzles.

Ryan Kaji


Dude Perfect and Nastya took the second and third spot in 2019 Youtube Top Earners list with $20m and $18m respectively. The 10 highest paid YouTubers of 2019 earned $162m in total.

Ryan Kaji


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