Instagram and Facebook ban eggplant, peach as s*xual emojis

Facebook and Instagram new guidelines banned aubergine and peach emojis as well as the water drip, for being too ‘s*xually suggestive.’

The new rules come from section 16 of Community Standards, under S*xual Solicitation.’

The move is part of an update from the social media giants,S*xual Solicitation Community Standards, which are aimed at sex workers who use the platforms to sell their service.

The taboo emojis cannot be used to depict s*xual activity and nude body parts can’t be covered up with the playful symbols.

Facebook explained: “People use media to discuss and draw attention to s*xual violence and exploitation. We recognise the importance of and want to allow for this discussion.

The emoji, which are widely known to represent a p*nis (aubergine), bum (peach), and ej*culation (water drip), will still be allowed in captions, but can no longer be used in a manner that suggests or asks for anything s*xual.

Facebook also restrict s*xually explicit language that may lead to solicitation because some audiences within our global community may be sensitive to this type of content and it may impede the ability for people to connect with their friends and the broader community.”

The ban will also affect other users who simply use the emojis to joke about or talk about s*x.

And there are two new criteria that fall under this section.

firstly, user should ‘implicitly or indirectly’ offer some structure of s*xual communication, be it ‘n*de imagery, s*x. two two or ‘s*x. two chat conversations.’

The second standards is that content has to have some shape of ‘s*xually suggestive elements.’

This indicate that the usage of one of the emojis deemed s*xuall can end result in your post being removed and repeated us of the digital images, can end result in your account being deactivated.


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