How to increase sales-6 key methods

Do you have Business , but NO customers . then you are n the right page to learn  the various  method you can apply to increase your sales lead.

We all know that getting customers to buy your product or service is your major concern. though the journey may be  tough for most business owners.

Social media is an awesome marketing tool that can help to expand your customer base, which translates into leads, conversions and, ultimately, sales.

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In this article, you’ll learn how to increase sales with 6 sales strategy

1. Apply Multi-Channel Marketing:

Multi-channel marketing is the key to maximizing sales and ROI. This approach lets you attain your goal target audience across multiple structures that can be something from internet site to direct mail.

Note, customers that  combine direct mail and digital ads average 30% more ROI advertisers who only use direct mail and digital ads average 30% more ROI compared to advertisers who only use direct mail and wait for customers at the store.

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2. Identify your customer Problem

provide solution to your customer problem by asking yourself, what kind of problem does your customer have that you can solve? because If the problem does not exist, the customer will not buy your product.

As you learn about your customers,you are also investing time to higher teach your customers to help move them farther down the sales funnel at the same time

3. Take advantage of Content And Social Media Marketing

You can use social media such as Facebook, search engine giant Google adword,  sponsored post on other website, Banner ad, Twitter and your business website to your advantage. By building relationships with your customers through these channels you can access more customers than ever.

Let take a look at Jumia in Nigeria that has the highest customer compare to other business owners with the aid of digital marketing . You can also do more better if you apply his method.

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4. Choose the Right Price

Carry out research on your competitors to determine the proper price. If you have a highly-priced product, be prepared to over-deliver quality to your customers. Price can be determined with the aid of “perceived value” of your product. If you can make your product appear optimal to your competitors, you can charge a higher price.

5, Have a clear Definition of Your Customer

Ask yourself this following questions, how old are your customers?
Are they male or female? Do they have children? How much money do they make? Do they have an education? if this question are answered then you should able to get their Geo location by knowing who would most likely to buy your product.

6, Don’t fail to Advertise

One of the keys to increasing sales is to advertise. Try to figure out what you want to say as well as how, when, and where you want to say it, and keep advertising for as long as you want .

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You can contact some local advertising and PR agencies and talk about the costs and opportunities for these kinds of campaigns. Kokolevel can help you increase your sales lead with content marketing and social media marketng using facebook, instagram , Twitter and Banner ad on our website column.

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