how to be a Good Salesperson

How to be a Good Salesperson

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As a salesperson, you must understand that there are many different reasons why prospect’s may buy your product or service. But people buy for their reasons, not yours.

They buy for the reason that motivates them to take action.

The indispensable step upon which the whole sales process depends is your ability to identify the need of your prospect accurately and positioning your product in meeting that need.

You must invest whatever time necessary and ask many questions as possible to find out exactly why this particular prospect needs to buy your product or service at this time.

If you fail to identify the prospect’s needs accurately, the entire sales process will grind to a halt.

Also, understand that people buy products and services because they feel they will be better off as a result. They also feel they will be better off than if they buy some other product or service, or if they buy nothing at all.

So, you see? It’s not about you but about your customers. Every customer has three choices with every selling offer;

1. He can buy from you,

2. buy from someone else, or

3. buy nothing at all at this time.

Your job as a salesman is to overcome any buying resistance that might derail the sale.

With the right changes to your current sales strategy, you can master how to be a good salesman or saleswoman and start crushing your sales goals to make more money than ever before.

To over-perform, you can’t stop being a salesperson as soon as you leave the office. Successful salesperson are always looking for potential customers — at parties, networking events, dinners, church , mosque  and so on.

All great salespeople know why they sell every single day, so knowing your “why” in sales is the first step to learning how to be a good salesperson.

As a salesperson, you must prepares before a call. That means you should do research on your prospect and gather all the information before a big customer meeting.

Great salespeople are driven by powerful personal factors such as family, kids, or a fear of being poor again or zeal for success.

Without a crystal clear “why,” you’ll never stay motivated when rejection comes—and in sales, rejection is going to come. Every top salesperson has a burning reason for showing up to work every day and giving it their all.

As a salesperson, Once you finds a strategy or technique that works, use it — again and again and again and again, until it stops working.

While most salespeople will try to sell to anyone, learning how to be a good salesperson means you’ll reserve your time only for well-qualified prospects by asking qualifying questions early in your sales process, and make disqualification a central part of your new sales strategy.

Great salespeople care more about challenging their prospects than befriending them, and they don’t care if they piss people off along the way.

If you want to close bigger deals more frequently, making friends shouldn’t be part of your sales strategy.

Happy selling!