Usher Raymond

Usher’s Herpes accuser Quantasia Sharpton drops lawsuit against him

A lawsuit filed against Usher Raymond by Quantasia Sharpton has just been dismissed in Los Angeles after she filed to drop the lawsuit.

Quantasia who was among the three people to sued Usher for infecting them with Herpes along with  Jane Doe and John Doe also claimed the singer didn’t disclose that he was infected with herpes and proceeded to have s*xual relations with them.

Sharpton claimed that she and Usher had s*x after a performance of his in Atlantic City on her birthday. Usher has denied all of Sharpton’s allegations.

As for the Jane Doe, Usher went to court demanding she being sanctioned to the tune of $2,500. He accused her of refusing to answer questions during her deposition.Although the judge denied the request.

The case was set to head to trial next year. The dismissal comes a day before the two parties were scheduled to decide if they wanted to take it to trial or head to mediation.