Types Leadership styles entrepreneurial can apply for business success

Types of Leadership styles entrepreneurial can apply for business success

The success of a business has one major attribute that set it apart from unsuccessful one,dynamic and effective leadership. Good leadership are the basic and scarcest resource of any business enterprise .

According to the statistic from OpCentral make this point more evident: ” Of every one hundred new business establishment started,approximately fifty ,or one half go out of business within two years.By the end of five years ,only one third of the original one hundred will still be in business.Hence most of the failure can be attributed to ineffective leadership.

The whole art of managing involves leadership,whether in a formal or informal organization .Leadership is the pivot on which the success of any business stands, because leadership is the process of directing and influencing tasks related activities of groups members

A leader can be seen as an individual who influence the behaviour of other towards pre-determined goals. when there is poor leadership, there will automatically be poor management.Thus every one attempts leadership at one time or another, whether his or her activities are centered on business, educational institution, hospital, political organization or family.

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Leadership Styles.

This the way a leader uses his or her influence to achieve the objective of the business which comprises of employee -centered or participative leadership style,Job centered leadership style ,reality centered leadership style and laissez faire leadership style.

employee -centered or participative leadership style

Business owners that used this kind style believes in helping subordinate get promotion and in giving them general rather close supervision.This style correspond with McGregor’s Theory Y which assumes responsibility .

Job centered leadership style

This known as authoritarian leadership ,the business is run in a way autocratic manner where by all the decision making process center around the entrepreneur . it should be noted that under authoritarian leadership,the business owners is the sole determiner of the task and responsibilities of the business, it give little or no room to subordinates initiative, they are expected to be committed to the business and thus execute Oder power.

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Reality centered leadership style

Leadership style must be applied always in a manner that fully takes into account the characteristics of the specific situation and people involved, The choice of leadership pattern should be based upon an accurate diagnosis of the reality of the situation in which the leader is embedded.

laissez faire leadership style

This the opposite of autocratic style ,with this style,the leader attempts to pass the responsibility for decision- making to the group.The leader give little or no direction and allow group members a great deal of freedom .This style of leadership presumes that the parties involves are Theory Y oriented. McGregor himself expressed doubts about the existence in the real world of people who need little or no direction.

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It should be noted that there is no best method of leadership,Rather leader behaviour is the diversity of cultural value,belief,habit and traditions that exert profound influence on managerial relations, because what is thought desirable or worthy in life will influence interpersonal relations especially leadership style.

One of the factors that explain leader behaviour is the personality,so how much does personality have to do with leader style? A good personality can be very helpful. The personality of a leader would be reinforced if emphasis is place on fair play, good decision, interest in others and characters .It has been suggested by some writers that the leadership style of an individual superior should be made to meet the personality of the subordinate

Aggressive hostile persons do better under autocratic leaders. Their latent hostility must be firmly channeled to confine their work to construction ends. Aggressive cooperate persons work better under democratic of free rein leadership.

Their self assertiveness takes constructive paths,and they will head in the right direction when on their own.Inclusive persons who tend to depend on their superior do better under the firmer hand of the autocratic leader.Individual or sole players are usually most productive under free rein leadership.