Meet Japanese Shopping mall clerk Yusuke Taniguchi With “Photographic Memory” Stole 1,300 Credit Card details

Japanese  mall cashier , Yusuke Taniguchi, 34 with a photographic memory has been accused of memorizing the credit cards numbers of 1,300 customers and using them for online shopping spree.

Yusuke Taniguchi, was arrested Thursday when police stated they found he used the stolen info to buy an expensive pair of shoulder bags totaling over $2,500, and had the bags delivered to his apartment.

Police said, the part-time cashier retained buyer bank card info within the brief period of time it took for them to buy their items.

Instead of developing an intricate electronic card skimmer, or pulling off an elaborate online scam, Yusuke used the most undetectable tool imaginable to steal the credit card info of over 1,300 customers: his immaculate and instant photographic memory.

According to Tokyo Metropolitan Police, They also found a notebook he allegedly used to write the numbers down.

Taniguchi admitted to using the fraudulent credit card information to buy goods that he would later sell at a pawn shop to cover his living expenses.

There’s some debate over whether or not if Yusuke was using an apparent eidetic memory often called a “photographic memory” to memorize people’s information on their credit cards.- which allows details to be accurately recalled months after they’re observed.

Also if here is an eidetic memory, which allows them to be accurately recalled for a few minutes afterward, given he kept a physical notebook with all the information in it.




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