Media Advertising Plan and Strategy to boost Business sales

Media Advertising Plan and Strategy to boost Business sales

Advertising Media planning involves devising a program in such a manner as to optionally use the advertising space, the broadcast time or other advertising media in exposing your business message to potential customers. The extent and direction of media planning would depend upon many factors including marketing objective.

The whole media efforts will be wasted if the right people are not target in the campaign. In media plan objective efforts are made to reduce the incident of embarking on advertisement that reach consumers who are not likely to need or want the products/services or are not important buying influence.

Business owners must plan which media to use to convey the message to those customers identified as their target audience. The task ,therefore before you would be to select from those media enumerated above the particular social media , radio stations, website ,digital ad ,Tv programme, newspaper etc. that will reach the target audience most effectively.

Although it is the task of business owner to evaluate each factors before making such crucial decisions as to where and how to place his or her message and budget .

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What is advertising?

Advertising is a form of mass communication in which the sponsor pay for using a mass medium to reach his audience.It also means in a broader sense a process of communicating ,persuasive information about a products, service or ideals to target audiences by means of written word, spoken word and visual materials.

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The following should provide the basic for planning your media strategy.

1. Determine who your present and potential customers are: This requires some information or data on geography and demography.You require information and disposition of your buyers towards yours goods and services-know whether it good or bad .Have information as to when they use your products and why they use them ,know also what they like in your products/service and what they dislike in your services or products.

2. Define your target Audience in term of local ,Regional or national in distribution: Having defined your target audience in term of geographical spread, you should know or list all available media suitable for your distribution definitions .It is only sensible to use local media to advertise product that has a local audience while use a national media carry a product or service that has national outlook in audience.

3. Set your budget: You should know the amount of money you have to spend frequently on advertising on a particular product as this will help to determine which media or medium to choose since there may be some media you can afford and some others you can not afford. Your advertising cost outlay also would depend on the number of products that you are selling. If you are selling ,more that one product or service you will need to established the advertising allocation for each one of them.

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4. Evaluate past and present advertising: What media did you use? You need to know the total amount of money spent on your previous advert, how effective was your adverting effort ? what was your market share before and after he advert? How has your advert helped to increase or maintain your market share? Having known these, you should look and work on your copy or advertising message ,headlines and layout and determine what went wrong that caused the failure or what worked out well for the success recorded.

5. Collect competitors media advertisement : you should use the collected information to do a comparative analysis and contract with your ads for all the media used together with the image conveyed selling points member of items featured positioning copy and layout techniques, size and so on.You should gather what data you can about your competitors use for other media.


6. Examine your Goals and Objectives: In the course of evaluating your goals and objectives, you should be able to discover how your set goals and objectives have affected your choice of media. For example, if your goals is to reach a large mass of audience within a short period of time, social media, like Facebook, Instagram, twitter , Google ad word and television is your best bet and best answers .also if your objective s to move your product quickly to share the market size, then you need to combine adverting with promotion by employing newspaper, direct mail and social media advertising.