Difference Between Leadership and Management?

Management and leadership are often thought of as one and the same thing .It is however, important to distinguish between the two concepts.“leader” and “manager” are among the most commonly used words in business and are often used interchangeably, but in essence, they are very different

Leadership is a broader concept than management .Management is thought of as a special kind of leadership in which the accomplishment of organizational goals is paramount.

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Leadership on the other hand, is any time one attempts to impact the behaviour of an individual or group regardless of the reason may be for one’s own goals or a friend goals,and they may or may not be congruent with organization goals .For example ,when you are trying to get some friend to go somewhere with you,you are not engaging in management ,but you certainly are attempting leadership.If they agree to go you are an effective leader but not an effective manager.

Even within an organizational setting , manager may attempt to engage in leadership rather than management since they trying to accomplish personal goals not organizational ones.

Leaders are followed because of their personality, behavior, and beliefs. A leader personally invests in tasks and projects and demonstrates a high level of passion for work. Leaders take a great deal of interest in the success of their followers, enabling them to reach their goals to satisfaction—these are not necessarily organizational goals.

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Leaders have a tendency to praise success and drive people to achieve target result , whereas managers work to find fault from subordinate

Not all managers are leaders. Some managers have poor leadership qualities, and employees follow orders from their managers because they are obligated to do so—not necessarily because they are influenced or inspired by the leader.

Entrepreneurial need both a strong leader and manager to get their team on board with working towards their vision of success. Leadership is about getting people to comprehend and believe in the vision you set for the company and to work with you on achieving your goals.

While management is more about administering and making sure the day-to-day activities are happening as they should.

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The great Economist Joseph Schumpeter referred to management as the engine of growth , peter drucker a well -known management consultant says management is the life giving organ of the organization’s body .To him management provides the critical difference between success and failure when it performs it four keys tasks: achieving economic performance , creating productive work ,managing the social impact and responsibilities of a business and managing the time dimension.

In view of the foregoing, without managers it is difficult to get managerial tasks performed effectively, Management contribute to the success of an organization in a crucial way because managers will focus on setting, measuring and achieving goals by controlling situations to reach or exceed their objectives.

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