Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum suspects his wife Princess Haya of cheating on him with her bodyguard during surprise visit to London

Princess Haya, the youngest of the sheikh’s six wives, is said to be hiding with her children in her £85million mansion while her husband is trying to obtain a court order to have his children returned to Dubai.

Source revealed that cracks have appeared in the marriage of Dubai ruler, Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum to his wife, Princess Haya.

The billionaire ruler is said to have harboured concerns about the close relationship between his much younger wife and the former army officer who provided security for the Dubai royal family.

Princess Haya, one of his six wives, lavished gifts on the bodyguard, while senior royals were critical of the closeness between the pair. A family source said: “The Sheikh came back to the house unannounced and found his wife with the bodyguard. His suspicions were confirmed.

He reportedly suspected her of having ‘inappropriate contact’ with her British bodyguard when he found them together during a surprise visit to their London home after returning from a joint wedding of three sons in Dubai.

Family sources said he was ‘shocked’ to find his 45-year-old wife with the bodyguard at the lavish residence and immediately demanded she return with him to Dubai. She refused and stated that she is set for a royal showdown which could be the UK’s most expensive divorce.

Dubai ruler, Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum

“Having left for his sons’ wedding he was not expected to be back so early.

“He did not tell the staff he would be coming back and arrived unannounced at the house where he found his wife and the bodyguard. They were too close for his liking.”

The couple are already embroiled in legal tussle for custody of their children.

The Sheikh flew home to Dubai – while his wife and their two young children remained in London.

Dubai ruler, Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum

He later posted a poem to social media that alluded to the alleged close relationship.

He wrote: ‘You betrayer, you betrayed the most precious trust, and your game has been revealed.’

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