How to Open Perfect Money: deposit & Withdraw steps in Nigeria

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The  new generation of Internet payment system Perfect Money started out working in 2008 and is constantly expanding. At the moment, the web platform is one of the most famous in its segment. The interface is introduced in various languages and Three global currencies are used on the platform – EUR and USD and Pounds

The payment system got incorporated in Zurich, Switzerland. One advantage it has over several other financial services is that it does not place any restriction on any country, unlike outlets like PayPal that restricts certain countries from participating, including Nigeria.

How to create Perfect Money account?

The steps are simple. Please check below:

Visit Perfect Money Official website and access the Perfect Money Registration Page
Follow the prompts on the registration page to complete your Registration process,
Read and Agree to the Terms of Service given by Perfect Money

Fill in the fields, read and agree with the Perfect Money’s Terms of Service and press the “Register” button.

Specify a name for your account. The account name will be displayed when someone is spending or receiving e-metal to this account. An optional description may be entered.

How to Fund Your Perfect Money Account

There are basically two methods of funding Perfect Money Account or wallet. You can either use the direct funding option or the option of Perfect Money Certified Partners.

Direct Funding Options
In the direct funding options, for example, you will have to log in to your Perfect Money account and click on Deposits. You will then choose any of the following options:

Wire Transfer
Certified Exchange Partners
Direct Deposit (German, Austrian, Swiss and Belgian financial balance holders)
Money Terminals (Russia and Ukraine)

Perfect Money Certified Partners Option

This is another way to Fund Your Perfect Money Account apart from Direct Funding Options. These includes:

Visa/MasterCard debit/Visas
Western Union/MoneyGram
Wire Transfer
Other E-monetary forms

How to make withdrawal from your perfect money account

If you want to withdraw from your perfect money account and deposit into your bank account, visit the “Withdrawal” section of the website. Once you are on this page, select the bank transfer option and then fill in all the information required. Your bank is expected to provide all the information required for this.

Make sure that the information you have provided are filled out correctly and nothing is left unattended to. If things are done right, the website will automatically generate withdrawal slip for you. You will get the fund in your bank account in just 24 hours after carrying out the transaction on the Perfect Money website. The money should be available for you to withdraw in just 3 to 5 business days after the transaction had been completed.

If you wish to withdraw via bank transfer method, you need a minimum balance of 100 USD. There is no maximum. However, to enable large withdrawals, you may be requested to run a corporate customer account by your bank.

If you filled your information correctly, the Perfect money system will generate for you a withdrawal slip. In about 24 hours, your account will be credited if your application was successfully processed. It might take at least 3 – 5 business days for processing.

Account verification

Three validation steps are required for a Perfect Money account verification. These includes:

Name Validation
Address Validation
Telephone Validation

Once you verify them, you will be given the “Verified” status on their website.
As a Perfect Money account holder, you can equally earn an interest per money deposited in your account(s) up to 4% every year.


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