Success Adegor’s parents get married officially after their daughter brought them good fortune (photos)

Success Adegor -7 years attracted the good will of many Nigerians who came together to donate money and gifts to her and her family.

As the family financial status make a headway, the young girl parents have held a church wedding ceremony after their daughter’s video went viral and brought them good fortune.

Success went viral when she was filmed complaining about being sent home from school for not paying her fees.The video made her popular and saw Nigerians and even people from other countries reaching out to Success and donate money and gift items to her.

Asides becoming an education ambassador, just recently, Success, secured an endorsement deal with a Daubai-based company.To sum it up, her parents have now been able to have an official wedding ceremony. Success served as the little bride while her brother was the ring bearer at the wedding.