Game of Thrones

Reasons why Pastor warns Christians to stop watching Game of Thrones

Ghanaian pastor, Victor Eghan has warns Christians to stop watching Game of Thrones, says Game of thrones has 865 deaths, 17 r*pes (including attempted ones), 144 scenes of n*ked people (with 83.7% being women) in it’s statistics and is not what a Christian should be caught watching.

He said, If you’re so attached to Game of Thrones that you’re getting angry with me, then who are you worshipping? GOD or GOT? One letter makes a big difference. And that one letter change can make a big difference when you stand before GOD on that day.

“Christian and Game of Thrones fan, is this the kind of content you want to fill your mind with? What happened to Philippians 4:8? Is this the kind of things you want your daughter or son to engage in? R**pe, m**rder, and immorality?