Nigerian student accuses University of Saskatchewan in Canada of alleged suicidal level racism

There has been a large increase in the rate Nigerians have been migrating to Canada and this will definitely cause some level of panic in the hearts of Nigerians considering travelling to Canada to study, work and live.

A Nigerian in Canada cries out for help for the suicidal level of racism she is experiencing as a black lady studying in a Canadian University.

The lady in Canada identified as Ife had taken to instagram story to share her experience of ‘racism and discrimination’. In a video she shared on the social media platform, Ife explained that she is a student at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, where she claimed to be a victim of racism and discrimination.

“I am a black graduate Student at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada and I am calling on the world. I have experienced racism and discrimination to a suicidal level. This has been the case for most black people in a certain department of the Institution. Please share & help!”

According to Ife, black students are being banished and threatened with deportation on a daily basis just because of their skin colour. Ife also called on Nigerians and the world to come to her aid as well as other black students in the school experiencing the same racist attacks.