Meet World’s dirtiest man, Amou Haji hasn’t had bath in 65years

Amou Haji, an 85-year-old Iranian, is being called the world’s dirtiest man believes that “cleanliness brings him sickness.” For that reason, he hasn’t bathed in the past 65 years, and he’s unofficially called the “dirtiest man in the world”.

Haji reportedly lives in isolation in Dejgah village, in the Southern Iranian province of Fars, subsists on rotten porcupine meat, and says the thought of a bath after all this time makes him very angry.

Amou’s last wash was way back in 1954 when Elvis Presley just launching rock ‘n’ roll and CIE was still using steam engines to pull its trains.

He hates contact with water, and even the suggestion of a bath makes him angry. Apparently, as a young man, he was in love with a woman, but as she rejected him, he chose a life of isolation.

His house is a grave-like hole in the ground. He drinks 4-6 liters of water each day (for health reasons, he claims) but only from his dirty, rusty old oil can.

He grooms his hair by burning it every now and then and fills his smoking pipe with animal feces instead of tobacco. An old war helmet keeps his head warm during the winter.

Despite his hard life he has lived a lot longer than many in Iran and the West who have access to good food and clean water and the modern medicine.



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