Insecurity, Unemployment Major challenge Nigeria must tackle

Currently Unemployment,Economy and Insecurity ranging from insurgency, banditry, kidnapping to armed robbery and cultism is the major challenge of Nigeria

Quoting the National Bureau of Statistics, it said the unemployment rate in the country increased from 22.70 per cent in the second quarter of 2018 to 23.10 per cent in the third quarter of 2018.

Findings revealed that employment remains among the top three areas Nigerians expected the government to focus its attention on over the period in view: Security (29 per cent), Employment (28 per cent) and the Economy (21 per cent).

Job creation challenge in Nigeria can be effectively tackled through a strict adherence to and execution of the different strategies and policy framework that have been put in place to move the employment drive in the country forward.

Some of these strategies and policy documents include the National Employment Policy of 2002, the National Action Plan on Employment Creation, National Youth Policy of 2009 as well as the National Policy on Education,

“Although the issue of unemployment is second on the list, this area has been one of the greatest challenges crippling the Nigerian economy as it has maintained an upward trend within the years in view.”’

After the insecurity challenge currently ravaging the country, ranging from insurgency, banditry, kidnapping to armed robbery and cultism, unemployment ranked second among the top three areas Nigerians expected the government to focus its attention on, a new report from the NOI Polls has revealed.

Despite the fact that government and the security agents claim to be on top of the matter, insecurity  still persists. From all indications, the government as well as the security agent seems to be incapable of effectively securing the lives and properties of the citizenry from terrorists.

The issue of the economy came distant third scoring 21 per cent in the polls, after security which had 29 per cent and unemployment which had 28 per cent.

The report indicated that the newly approved minimum wage of N30,000 for workers was negligible in raising the standard of living given the economic situation in the country.

Government and other stakeholders should create jobs for Nigerians especially through creating an enabling environment for Small and Medium Enterprises to thrive.

This will go a long way in ensuring that Nigerians explore various opportunities in tackling the issue of unemployment. Also, it is vital to reflect on workers’ welfare specifically on the issue of minimum wage as it plays an important role in income distribution as well as poverty rate.

Quality and Affordable Education for All Citizenry: Education is the bedrock of and society that wants to leap into future greatness. This is because education breeds citizenrywith bright ideas to develop the country and create selfempowerment in order to increase the growth and development of the economy. Thus, good knowledge will save the youths from various forms of social vices and unnecessary manipulations by the elites and politicians to settle bitter political and religious animosity as a result of joblessness and idleness.