English premier league 2018-2019,lessons for fans and club owners

Football, especially in England is not a regular business, but an emotionally charged recreational pursuit, where the heart and not the brain takes the decisions. The fans won’t let the investor the peace and space to enjoy his returns from successive poor seasons.

ManCity and Liverpool are In the big money league already, Chelsea with abramovic, have been there, done that before, and will surely up their spendings & re-join. The game is now gone crushingly brutal and can only be played by acquiring the costliest best players available across the world.

It’s up to the penny pinching lackluster American acquirers of Arsenal and Manchester United to decide what to do! They see a profit making low spend and high yield investment, but how wrong they are!!

The margins for error are all but gone! on the occasion of Each niggly tough game, some highly paid star is expected to pop up and belter in a ‘huge paycheck justifying’ goal and rescue the day!!

The mid range second tier clubs can’t afford such super star match winners to bail them out of draw games. That is what the heart wrenching defeats suffered by Man U, spurs and Arsenal this year have shown.

Wenger’s involvement in denying usmanovic the wealthy Arsenal fan the chance to buy Arsenal, but rather manipulated the club into stingy Americans hands, in return for what he thought was a managers job for life, is a crime that will follow him to the grave.

Arsenal must now hope that Unai emery will love success more than money and board tolerance and job security, and hence, take on the board in a fight for transfer funds. Jose mourinho is a specialist in such battles.

If Man United FC and Arsenal and Chelsea could pump in the monies, next seasons margin of error will so diminish, to the point that five teams may hit 100 points in the table.

The most successful teams now will be those who are able to attract oil money or some crazy football fan who is ready to see football as a passion and love affair investment, and no balance sheet business.

And in the typical nature and biblical ideology of money answering all things, by the time these EPL first tier money clubs take their dominance to Europe, it’ll be a long total lockout.