Eleven health benefits of {pawpaw} papayas

Pawpaw is a kind of fruit that have numerous health benefits that  promotes digestion, builds the immune system, prevents constipation, lowers inflammation, reduces pain from burns, especially if the skin of the papaya is used, can prevent heart disease, complications from diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Pawpaw, known botanically as carica papaya, Grown in the tropical regions, papaya is possibly one of the most loved fruits in the world. The Italian voyager Christopher Columbus referred to papayas as the fruit of the angels because it contain Vitamin C , it has a wide range of health benefits making it a great fruit option to include in your diet.

1. Boosts immunity

A single pawpaw contains more than 200% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C, making it a great source for your immunity.

2. Anti-Malarial Properties

Papaya leaves have strong anti-malarial properties. A compound found in papaya leaf is acetogenin, which can help prevent dangerous disease like malaria and dengue.

3. Pawpaw Eases Menstrual Pain.

Enzyme in pawpaw called Papain helps in regulating and easing flow during menstrual periods. Women who are experiencing menstrual pain should help themselves to several servings of papaya.

4. Good for Liver

Just as papaya, papaya leaf juice also acts as a potent cleansing agent for the liver, thereby healing many chronic liver diseases, jaundice and liver cirrhosis.

5. Promotes Hair Growth;

papayas are very effective for maintaining healthy hair. Vitamin A in them is utilized in the production of sebum, a compound that is crucial for keeping the hair smooth, shiny and moisturized.

6. Pawpaw seeds kill bacteria and heal viral infections

Studies have shown that a few pawpaw seeds kill harmful bacteria like E. coli, Staphylococcus, and Salmonella.

7. Pawpaw seeds minimize the risk of cancer

Studies have shown that pawpaw seeds minimize the risk of cancer. And this is because the milky sap that pawpaw seeds produce contains acetogenin. Acetogenin, on the other hand, prevents cancer cells from growing in the body.

8. Improves digestion

Papaye has a digestive enzyme known as papain  and chymonpapain. Both have been shown to aid digestion, prevent constipation and clean the colon. Papain is also helpful in healing and preventing stomach ulcers.” along with fibre which helps improve your digestive health.

9. Prevents signs of ageing

Papaya is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and antioxidants like beta-carotene which helps prevent your skin from free radical damage keeping wrinkles and other signs of ageing at bay.

10. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Papaya leaf juice can work wonders for diabetics as well, as it regulates the production of insulin, which in turn checks blood sugar levels. Its strong antioxidant nature also helps to bring down the consequent complications of diabetes like kidney damage and fatty liver.

11. Helps Treat Skin Problems

Papaya leaf juice has a rich content of vitamin C and A, which boost skin health and lend you a healthier and radiant skin. Papaya leaf juice suppresses the activity of free radicals. The presence of karpain compounds checks the growth of excess micro-organisms, and cleanses your skin of the toxins, providing protection against skin problems like pimples, freckles and acne.


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