Various kind of Creative Business Ideas You Can Start on Instagram

Social media platforms has turned out to be a standout amongst the best way to showcase your business,brand and reach out to your targeted audiences.Hence the 1 billion monthly active users of Instagram has turned out to be a standout amongst the best advertising tools for retail brands of numerous kinds and offers ample chances to present your services and goods in their best light, making your business sales soar.

Instagram is a great place to start making money in many different ways that others are already doing. Today, we are going to discuss the methods that will help you to start a business on Instagram without investing any money except your time and data.

Instagram Influencer

You need to pick a niche that you’re genuinely passionate about, maybe you love food, fashion and are always aware of the latest styles and trends? or you are good photographer and have a great deal of interest in different types of cuisines.

As an influencer, you must keep engaging with your followers, post new content that can be sold, and use hashtags to get more reach.bKeep doing this activity on Instagram to build a
loyal audience and also turn Instagram into a working marketplace for your business.

As an Instagram influence you may work with a brand or service related to their products or services to promote it to the general public also receive payment in-turn for your service.

Instagram Manager

You can work with brands as a community manager that specializes in posting on Instagram by deciding the content that you would like to share, how often and what are the appropriate posting hours.

Always go for bright images and use the right dimensions: 1080px by 1080px for Instagram posts and 1080px by 1920px for Instagram stories. Also dont forget to use your brand’s name or brand’s official hashtag.

Affiliate Marketing:

The affiliate marketer depicts the product or service in their postings and earns commission on each sale that is made that can be attributed to their post, such as through a URL link that has been customized with unique affiliate code added to the end of it in the description of the post. When these affiliate promotions are being done on Instagram, we call it Instagram affiliate marketing, but affiliate marketing is clearly not limited to Instagram as a platform alone.

As an affiliate marketer, your key objectives are to drive traffic to your site by effectively using as many communication channels as possible. Considering the millions of potential customers that you can tap into on Instagram,

Use your Instagram account and Instagram Story to share affiliate links to specific products or services and then earn a commission on each sale.

Graphic Designer

You can also use Instagram as a portfolio for your graphic design work and then let clients contact you directly to procure your services.Post your designs on your Insta profile with adding relevant and trending hashtags. Hashtags play a vital role on Instagram. You can reach as more people as you include correct hashtags.


Brand Ambassador

There are a number of unique ways you can use Instagram to post about a specific brand or product. And if you grow enough of a following, you might be able to make some extra money or get some extra perks thanks to those posts.

Sell Your Own Products:

You can sell e-books, courses, crafts, digital products, and much more products as long as your followers are interested.

Selling own products on the Internet using instagram platforms is really a quick way to make more money from home.This business will help you to create a passive income and as well as establish your own brand.

Content Marketing:

Instagram, is a unique platform for content marketing,it is slightly different. Since Instagram is a picture based, you will have to market content mainly as pictures or videos as opposed to a 300 to 500 word text. You can provide content marketing services to businesses using this method.

Travel blogger:

you can work with airplanes and hotels by sharing travelling tips, advice and useful hacks that can make a trip even more successful.

Secondhand Goods Seller:

If you have some vintage or secondhand goods to sell, you can use Instagram as a platform where you can post each item and then let customers place bids if they want to purchase.

Public Speaker:

For those looking to offer services as a public speaker, you can use your Instagram account to share your expertise and even offer examples of your talks through Instagram Live.

Event management Organizer:

you can offer more in-depth services as an event organizer, using Instagram as a way to showcase your work and communicate with potential clients.

Instagram Consultant:

Or if you want to share your Instagram expertise with others, you can work as a consultant, using your own account to share your expertise.

Advertising Specialist:

You can also get even more specific by offering Instagram advertising services to brands looking to leverage those options in their marketing.

Life coach:

you can also use Instagram to offer life coaching services. You can use the posts and updates to offer quick tip and advice about life in general and then use the Instagram live option for more detailed content.

Pet personality:

This one actually sounds weird but the truth is that some people have been able to make it work; like grumpy cat. You can start up an Instagram account that revolves around a particular animal that could be your pet. Later on you can build around it.

Business Coach:

You can also use Instagram to offer more general consulting services to other businesses, simply using the platform to share your knowledge and build up your credibility with potential clients.


While photos get a lot of the attention, Instagram also lets users post short videos. So you can start a business as a videographer and use the platform to show off your skills. (Remember Instagram videos are quite short so you will have to be creative!)

Infographic Designer:

Or you can get even more specific and offer infographic design services, using Instagram to post interesting examples of your work.

Makeup Artist:

Since makeup is a visual medium, and Instagram is a visual platform, it’s a great place to show off your work and then offer potential clients a way to book your services.

Hair Stylist:

Similarly, you can post pictures of your work as a hairstylist and then let customers email or message you to set up an appointment.

Handmade Business Owner:

Instead of relying on a platform like Etsy or setting up your own ecommerce site, you can post photos of handmade products and let customers claim or bid on them in the comments.

Fashion Blogger:

You can also start a sort of fashion blog directly on Instagram, sharing photos of your outfits and working with clothing brands as an influencer.

Food Blogger:

you can make food items that you don’t actually sell, but instead offer recipes and then work with grocery and food brands as an influencer.


Since videos are one of the main selling points of Instagram, you can take advantage of this by showcasing your work on Instagram.

Photo editing service:

If you are skilled in developing mobile applications, you can build an application that is molded around Instagram which includes features such as video and picture editing.

Meme maker:

Memes have taken over the social media space, eliciting gags and also succinctly conveying messages. What a lot of people don’t not know about memes is that you can also generate money from the production of memes. Brands at times offer money to people to create memes for them as a way of creating a “buzz” about their products. Using Instagram you can take advantage of this to make and share memes.


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