Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Instagram account: driving instructor, Kevin Keiley accuses them of’stealing’ ‘without permission’

A driving instructor Kevin Keiley, 55, airing his grievance after he came online to find that the Instagram account he’s owned for years now belongs to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Mr Keiley had been using @sussexroyal while on Instagram but after going back to the account following the royal launch he was shocked to find it had been given away

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently broke out of the Kensington Royal social media account to create their own Instagram account @_sussexroyal_ Just hours after they joined Instagram, they had millions of followers.

Mr Keiley was relieved to find he is ‘still the only @sussexroyal on Twitter’ and claims his following has ‘gone mad’ – going from four to nearly 270 in 24 hours.

However, he was shocked to find his account name had been changed and his handle given to Prince Harry and Meghan without his permission. Instagram have said they often change handles to “prevent digital squatting” by users who are inactive

Mr Keiley admits that he didn’t have a huge following on Instagram and hadn’t posted very often but says he would have liked to have been asked first.

He is trying to raise his Twitter profile by tweeting regularly in a bid to stop the royal couple poaching his other account.

But he says the pressure of the situation has not been pleasant, adding: ‘I didn’t ask for this. I’ve had the account for years – it’s not very pleasant.’

He posted yesterday: ‘Hello Harry and Meghan. If you do want my Twitter account as well can you at least have the decency to speak to me?’

Kevin Keiley, from Worthing, West Sussex, selected the @sussexroyal handle when he joined the photo-sharing website because he lives in the county and supports Reading, whose nickname is the Royals. But Harry and Meghan, who arrived on the platform this week, have now been given the handle and Kevin said nobody asked him about it.

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