Nipsey Hussle’s mother Angelique Smith shares his final texts Messages He Sent Her

The Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle who was shot dead multiple times outside of his clothing store, Marathon Clothing Company mother, Angelique Smith has revealed the last conversation she had with her son via text message before his death.

Angelique Smith made this known during before a crowd of about 21,000 people at the memorial service held for her son at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.

Keeping her composure as she dressed in an all-white gown and matching ruffled hat, Nipsey Hussle’s mother told the crowd: “My heart feels as if there’s possibly heaviness in your heart and soul”.

Nipsey says, ‘No mom. I’m A-1.’ That’s what he would always tell me,” Smith recalled, flanked by her husband and Hussle’s father, Dawit Asghedom. “Ever since he was a boy, pain did not faze him. He took it like a champ.”

The late rapper followed up with another message to his mom. “I’m grateful I have a studio again. I’m just happy and ready to work,” he told her.

Exhaling deeply and patting her chest as if in pain, Smith then said, “I’m very proud of my son. My son, Ermias Joseph Asghedom, was a great man.”

His young nephew Khalil Kimble had the audience at the packed Staples Center holding back tears as he recalled a dream on April 2.

“I was in paradise and I was playing in the ocean water when Ermias popped up right behind me. He said, ‘What’s up, kiddo?’ because that’s my nickname to him,” Khalil told the crowd as a pin with his uncle’s face gleamed on his suit jacket.

“I told my mom about the dream and … I realized that Ermias told me what heaven was like. He told me it was paradise.”