ISIS claims responsibility for multiple suicide attacks at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka

The Islamic State, ISIS, has claimed responsibility for the Easter Sunday multiple suicide attacks at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka that left more than 300 people dead with about 500 critically injured.

In a statement released by its Amaq propaganda agency, the group said it was targeting citizens of countries bombings its territories and Christians.

Those, who carried out the attack that targeted the citizens of the coalition and Christians in Sri Lanka the day before yesterday were Islamic State fighters,” Amaq reported on Tuesday.

It came after Isis supporters circulated unverified photographs claiming to show three of the suicide bombers who targeted churches and hotels on Easter Sunday. Sri Lanka’s highest-ranking Roman Catholic official, the archbishop of Colombo, chastised the government for not taking precautions despite it being warned that terrorists were planning to stage an attack on Churches.

According to a government official, the bombings were a retaliation for the killing of about 50 people in a Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. “This group is known to have links to an organisation named National Thowheed Jamath. We should take immediate steps to ban any such organisation that have links to extremist elements,” he added.


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