How to increase Google AdSense “CPC” Cost per click to earn more

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AdSense optimization is the goldmine of most blogger, hence best contextual Advertisement network right now to earn income from your website content.

Most blogger target is to increase their earning by getting higher Cost Per Click “CPC,”despite of good AdSense CTR, you might not be making good money, because Google pay AdSense publishers based on clicks and Impression.

Put it at the back of your mind that CPC is influenced by many factors so learn that too before you make modifications. The higher your CPC, the more revenue you get from Google AdSense.

Getting thousands impression  and click on your ad won’t be of much help but website with higher CPC with decent CTR can create a huge difference.

The following are ways you can increase your AdSense “CPC” Cost per click

Pick A Niche with High CPC

AdSense ads are shown according to the niche of the content. Some niches pay high, and some pay low. So, it’s essential to decide your site or content’s niche to boost AdSense revenue.

If you are serious about making money online with Adsense and building a successful blog, then I suggest that you target these top paying keywords and industries. Before we jump into specific niches, I want to tell you some myths and want them out of the way.

For every niche, there are topics that pay more. If your niche is not listed below, research for high paying topics in your niche.

Insurance $58 CPC
Gas/Electricity $54 CPC
Mortgage $47 CPC
Attorney $47 CPC
Loans $44 CPC
Lawyer $42 CPC
Donate $42 CPC
Conference Call $42 CPC
Degree $40 CPC
Credit $38 CPC
Download Website
Travel and Accommodation
Domains – Blogs on Internet Domains Like GoDaddy, Namecheap etc. It pays highest CPC.
Gadgets – Tech Gadgets like Apple products
Google – Google Products
Microsoft – MS Office
Real Estate
Home Loans
Health and Fitness

2 Write Topics With High CPC

Good content will certainly ensure higher Adsense CPC rates. Moreover, Good content is what search engine loves, hence more click and more revenue if your ad is highly targeted and your traffic is from the countries like U.S.A, U.K, Canada and Australia. In simple terms, you will make less money if your website traffic is mostly from Asian and Africa countries .

USA , Canada, Uk can pay you up to $5 to $10 per click on same ad from Nigeria can end up paying only 15 to 25 cents.

How much money one can make using Google AdSense program depends completely on the rate of click or CPC which is set for your country. Means, if your country has a high cost per click, then definitely you will earn more for a particular click.

You can be in a high paying Niche and still get low CPC. This is as a result of the kind of topics you write. Certain keywords usually have higher cost per click. Search for such keywords in your Niche.

3. Use Ad Review Center

In your Google AdSense account, you have to go to the Ad Review Center. This is the place you get the likelihood of seeing the sum that the ad category as of now pays you. You can take a gander at different ad category that at present show up on the site. If you see that there is one that does not pay that much, simply block it to to increase AdSense CPC This is a simple tweak that can help out a lot more than what many believe.

The categories that are irrelevant for the site’s niche or content must be blocked. Give us a chance to state that you are right now blogging about insurance or banking related topic. In this circumstance, ads from Religion or Dating would be unessential and would decrease AdSense CPC.

4. Get High Quality Traffic

Google AdSense usually places high CPC Ads on sites with very high traffic from search engine.

Traffic source also matters. Work on your SEO and drive high organic traffic to your blog. The amount of money one can earn from AdSense depends on country-specific traffic. If your website traffic is mostly from Adsense highest CPC countries, then you can make a good amount of money every month.

5. Place Your Ads In Strategic Places

Place your AdSense ads on those areas of your website or blog on which people tend to spend most time.

It is advisable to use  text and display ads format. Links ads usually have higher CTR. How, the CPC for links ads is lower.

Place 2 ads inside your blog post and 1 outside the post.As far as placing inside goes then place one 336 X 280 rectangle ad on the top of the blog just below the title and place second 250 X 300 ad in between the blog post. Remaining one ad you can place on your right side that is outside your post.

You can also use 468 X 60 ad. or mobile ad on mobile view.Try ad format for both text & image simultaneously as it gives you more CPC.


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