How Combs Diddy’s children look like now as he shares family photo on Instagram

The New York born rapper Sean John Combs known as diddy took to Instagram page to share cute family photo of himself and his six children posing together.

Combs have three girls, three boys, and they’re really kind, great people,he and his ex-partner Kim Porter, who died last year shared three kids together, son Christian, 21, and twin daughters Jessie James, 12, and D’Lila, 12. Combs also helped raise Porter’s son Quincy, 27, from a previous relationship, his also father to son Justin, 25, and daughter Chance, 13, from previous relationships.

Quincy Brown’s biological dad is ’80s R&B singer Al. B Sure!, who fathered him with fashion model Kim Porter before the two went their separate ways and Porter got with Diddy.  Quincy the famous actor big break came in 2015 when he won a lead role in coming-of-age ghetto flick Brotherly Love.

The oldest of Diddy’s biological children, Justin Combs, is the son of the rap legend and hip-hop, he’s Diddy’s first member of the family to graduate from Harvard business school after he  left UCLA with a degree in sociology in 2016

Christian Combs is Diddy’s first child by model and actress Kim Porter. He signed to his dad’s label Bad Boy Records in 2016, a process that the rapper and model need.He released his debut mixtape in April 2018, drawing immediate comparisons to his dad. “Entitled 90’s Baby, the mixtape blends classic elements of both East Coast and West Coast hip-hop

While, D’Lila Star and Jessie James  are the last kids that Diddy had with Kim Porter before he moved on to Sarah Chapman. They may have been named after their grandmothers, but the twins most definitely take after their mother. Both have already started careers in modeling with the full blessing of daddy

The last is Chance Combs who is the only one of Diddy’s kids that he shares with Atlanta photographer Sarah Chapman, who met the New York rapper the same year he met Kim Porter.


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