Benefits of business mobility technology and how it Boosts Workplace Productivity

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Technological support for businesses is no longer limited to the office setting. Field activities ranging from sales, technical services, logistics, courier, marketing and Point of Sale merchandising can be managed remotely in real time. This technological intervention or concept is called Business or Enterprise Mobility

There’s no doubt the world has gone mobile, both in the consumer space and in the enterprise space. The rapid expansion of mobile technology and usage has led to an enterprise environment that relies on business mobility to remain competitive.

Mobility is an inevitable part of consumer and business life, and companies must be willing to embrace business mobility and learn to harness its power in order to be competitive and successful. The key to successfully implementing a business mobility strategy is to learn about the different tools available to add value with mobility while also managing off-network devices.

People now do everything from their mobile devices and the business world is no exception. More and more organizations are realizing that mobile solutions can improve the efficiency of an organization and streamline businesses operations.

Business mobility technology is thriving on the heels of increasing Internet penetration, availability of low-cost smart devices and increasing adaptability of the various solutions to different business operational models.

Benefits of business mobility technology

1 Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a growing area that businesses are taking advantage of. This includes communicating with customers through text messages, social media sites and mobile applications. Phones are very personal accessories. Gaining permission from customers to contact them via their phones can open up a very effective marketing medium. Mobile social networking applications that target a user’s location can be a big boost for local businesses when it comes to sending out sales information or coupons, and spreading the word.

2. Business mobility technology improved employee productivity, improved access to people and information, and time savings.”

3. Higher efficiency and productivity of staff: mobility has been trending with employees’ increased use of smartphones, tablets, and other technology for dealing with, accessing, and managing work-related operations and files.

4. Improved communication in the workplace

Mobile solutions can improve communication between management and staff and allow workers to collaborate in the allocated projects even when they are working remotely or in the field. Thanks to mobile solutions, employees and managers can stay in constant communication and get real-time insights. This fact improves your team’s ability to collaborate effectively and reduces the chances of miscommunications. Implementing enterprise mobility solutions, information can be availed from anywhere and at any time.

5. Enhanced Portability

Mobile technology promotes and enhances portability for its users because of the ability to operate wirelessly. There’s no need to worry about bringing heavy laptops to work, because in some cases, smaller and lighter tablets will suffice. Moreover, employees don’t have to carry or look through bulky documents once they’ve started digitizing their files for easier access online.

6. Global Growth

Many businesses aspire to grow globally, and aim to expand to other countries and diversify their markets. However, this will require a solid plan that will successfully lead to heightened productivity and increase in ROI. This is where this technology comes in.

7. Improved data accuracy

Digital mobile technology allow you to gather all your data in one place, saving you the time spent on data entry and analysis. Consolidating your businesses information with a digital mobile solution will also help you to reduce the use of paper forms and it will increase the accuracy of the data collected. It can also secure your data storage.

8. Cost and time savings

Mobile business technology allow you saving time and money providing easy access to relevant data and synchronizing the storage and retrieval of data with complete access control of all the systems. With mobile apps recording an employee shift start/end time and breaks, employers can gain control of overtime pay and ensure actual work hours are being completed.

9. Mobile Technology help to improve Productivity and ability to accept payments wireless

10. Privacy : new software and applications allow buiness to call clients and co-workers on their mobile phone using a business number so that personal information is protected.



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