Unemployed New Jersey man Mike Weirsky, wins $273m lotto jackpot after divorce, gets call from ex-wife

A jobless New Jersey lottery winner Mike Weirsky, 54, was affirmed as the Mega Millions Jackpot champ on Thursday got an amazing $273 million big stake.

The 54-year-old says he got divorced last fall and had been a stay-at-home husband for a considerable length of time while his ex-wife worked. He said he’d been searching for work for about a year and hadn’t gotten any calls for interviews until Wednesday, by which time work had stopped to be a need.

But his former partner Eileen Murray says she still doesn’t regret ending their marriage of 15 years in October after his ex-wife has already reached out to him.

Weirsky,said he needs to remunerate the secret person who returned the tickets to a store where he’d left them a day earlier. I bought the tickets last Thursday at a Quick Check store in Phillipsburg, near the Pennsylvania border, and forgot them there because he was more focused on his cellphone.

Fortunately for the 54-year-old, a ‘Great Samaritan’ who found the ticket and turned it into workers at the store. When Weirsky returned on Friday, he verified the tickets were his and store employees returned them. Lottery officials said Thursday that if the person who found the tickets had held onto them and signed them, they could have claimed the jackpot.

Weirsky, who has been playing the lottery for a considerable length of time, said he checked the tickets at home on Sunday and he saw the matched numbers,, yet couldn’t exactly believe his eyes. He returned to the store amid Sunday night’s snowstorm and got the news.

Weirsky says he’s going to “sit back and enjoy” the money. He said the first purchase is going to be a Ford Raptor Truck, then buy his mother a new car and pay to remodel her home. “After that I’m basically locked in to what my lawyer and other people I have working for me tell me I can do,”


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