Offa bank Robbery: Suspect alleges police killed Adikwu, force him to indict Saraki

One of the suspect facing trial for his alleged bank robberies in Offa, Kwara State, Ayoade Akinnibosun, on Friday told an Ilorin High Court that the police deliberately killed Michael Adikwu, also force him to indict Senate President Bukola Saraki.

Michael Adikwu, was a principal suspect and the mastermind behind the robberies, which claimed many lives was killed by police for his inability to go with the alleged plan of the prosecutors.

Akinnibosun and two other accused, Ibikunle Ogunleye and Adeola Abraham, alleged that they made their statements under duress.

Mr Akininibosin retracted his earlier stance and accused the police of masterminding his confession which he claims was written for him by police officers.

“My hands and legs were tied to the back and suspended in between two tables by iron rod for like one hour 30 minutes. Then the senior police officer, Abba Kyari, came around to tell me that I should say that it was the Senate president that gave us guns to rob Offa banks,” the paper said, quoting the defendant

“I told him my life is at stake here and that I wouldn’t do such. Then, he said I should do that for them and that they’ll pay me and thereafter set me free. I disagreed and was carried back to the cell on his instruction as I couldn’t walk,”

Ogunleye said “they brought the late Adikwu to implicate us and he said he had not met any of us in his life – that was why Mr Torture shot him to death.”

Mr Akininibosin as saying that the police intimidated them by killing five men in their presence and ordering them (the accused) to lie on the bodies of the dead people.

“I was shot on my two legs. I was later taken to Abba Kyari office, where he asked to know if I was ready to cooperate and I said yes and pleaded not to kill me. The next day was when Michael Adikwu was brought to identify us and say what connected us together. The dismissed officer said he didn’t know us and after much torture, he was shot dead in our presence.”

The suspect said he was the leader of Kwara South Liberation Movement mobilising young jobless graduates for the representative of Kwara South at the Senate, Dr Rafiu Ibrahim.

The trio also claimed Inspector Vincent shot dead five Fulani men when they were kept at the IRT ‘theatre room’.They added that it was in the same ‘theatre room that Inspector Vincent, popularly known as Mr Torture, allegedly shot dead Adikwu for failing to indict them.

The trial Judge, Justice Halimat Salman, adjourned the case till March 25, 2019 for the continuation of trial within trial.


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