Making Calls With Google Duo and How to setup account

Google is going after FaceTime and WhatsApp and other video-calling apps with its own solution called Duo. Duo is free to use and enables 1-to-1 video and voice calls. … It’s easy to use, too, because the app’s interface is ridiculously simple”.Google launched Duo on Google Play and on iOS so you can chat with friends on Android and Apple. The keyword for Duo is simplicity, and here’s how simple the app is to use.

As the web have tons of apps that offer services such as Facebook Messenger, Telegraph, WhatsApp, Viber , Skype (more corporate but less interesting) and a whole lot including GoogleDuo, Viber ! Personally, I consider a whole lot before I download these apps such as size and efficiency! Google Duo is the new, simple video calling app that brings you face-to-face with all the people that matter most.

The Google Duo, is the calling app that all android phones comes with is one great stuff though most people hasn’t gotten used to it. We are still stuck at other caller apps. How is Google driving the product acceptability? That we cant say, but one thing is that the “Duo” is one hell of an app! It has the capacity to redefine the VoIP overcrowded space.

VOiP! It’s getting better these days and we have tons of them! Oh, it means Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is a system where you can make calls over internet bypassing the traditional method such as cable lines and other forms of GSM ,CDMA and probably satellite technology!

As of today, It is getting advanced, amazing and it is cheaper unlike before it was expensive and clumsy. People are getting used to calling via various types of apps that offer this voice and video call solution because it is more secure than the conventional lines.

Google Duo is a video chat mobile app developed by Google, available on the Android and iOS operating systems. It was announced at Google‘s developer conference on May 18, 2016, and began its worldwide release on August 16, 2016.

How to set up and use Google Duo

1.Download Google Duo from Google Play.
2. Open Duo.
3. Agree to Google’s Terms and Conditions for the Duo app.
If you’re running Android 6.0 or higher, you’ll have to accept permissions one-by-one at launch:
4.Allow Duo to take pictures and video so that the app (and whoever calls you) can see you.
5. Allow Duo to record audio so that the app (and whoever calls you) can hear you.
6. Allow Duo to access your contacts so that it can see which of your contacts are on Google Duo and who you could invite to the service.
7. Allow Duo to send and view text messages to that it can send invites to your contacts and so it can see the verification code you’ll receive in a few steps.

8.Type in your phone number to use with Google Duo.
9.Your phone will receive a text message to verify your number. Sometimes the app will read the verification code text message itself, but if it doesn’t, enter it manually. (If the SMS code doesn’t work, there’s an option to receive an automated voice call with the code.)

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