How to Sleep Better:Top tips to help you sleep at Night

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Sleeping better at night will  help you increase your energy levels and reduce the risk of certain medical conditions. For many people, getting enough sleep can be difficult. There are too many devices that cause distraction during the night. You could also be forced to work in inconveniencing shifts.

The recommended amount of time for adults is between six to eight hours every night. Even if you have a limited amount of time, you can still get sufficient sleep. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Avoid drinking liquids before bed

Your body will process liquids during sleep just as it would during the day. Due to lower energy consumption levels when your body is at rest, most of your fluid intake will be converted into waste. By taking liquids before bed, you will increase the chances that you will wake up in the middle of the night. Keeping these off the menu before bed could help you enjoy consistent rest and a wholesome night.

Alcoholic drinks could have less of an effect in terms of disrupting your night. However, they could increase the likelihood of snoring. This may hinder both you and your partner from getting a full night’s rest.

Avoid exercise at night

Exercise will improve your health. It can boost blood flow to vital organs, as well as the production of certain enzymes that could improve your mood. It is an efficient way to keep your body and mind fit. Aside from the potential for dependency in some people, exercise may also affect sleep quality and consistency. If your   exercise routine is too close to your bed time, you may have trouble getting your body relaxed enough to enjoy your night. You should consider allowing enough time for recovery after your exercise, which means you should avoid any night routines. 

Invest in comfort

Considering the potential benefits of a full night’s rest, investing in comfort is investing in health. You should create a comfortable sleep environment to ensure that you can fall asleep quickly and enjoy prolonged rest. Change your sheets, beddings and lighting to create a comfortable enough space for you to spend the night. You could also consider a change of mattress, with comfortable options available from amerisleep mattress.

Fit relaxation techniques into your sleep routine

What do you do to get ready for bed? For some people, this may involve a nightcap, a shower or music. Your sleep routine helps to relax your mind and get you into the right mentality for the night. If you do not have one already, developing a sleep routine could help you fall asleep faster and enjoy it for longer. It can be even more fruitful for you if you incorporate relaxation techniques such as meditation.

Eat early enough

If you eat too late into the night, you may be more likely to experience discomfort and have your night disrupted. Eating early enough allows your body ample time to break down the food. When you finally go to bed, your body will be fully focused on rest as opposed to digestion. You should also consider dietary recommendations to help you avoid food items that may be more likely to disrupt your night.

Create the right sleep environment

Your sleep environment will affect our ability to get a full night’s rest consistently. You need to ensure a high level of comfort and monitor other aspects to make sure they are suitable for sufficient sleep. You may need to control the temperature and noise levels around your sleep area to improve your sleep. Keeping any distracting items such as your phone and personal computer away from the sleep environment at all times could also help you reduce the risk of distraction.

Natural supplement can boost your sleep

There are a number of natural supplements that could help you sleep better and longer. If you are having trouble sleeping, you may consider valerian root, and glycil from cabbage, kale, beans, meat and fruit sources such as kiwi. You could also incorporate magnesium-rich foods into your diet, as well as aromatherapy through lavender and passion flower.

Melatonin could help boost your ability to fall asleep. However, you will need to contact your doctor for complete information on the potential side effects and its viability for you.

Create a consistent sleep schedule

You should go to bed and wake up at about the same times every day to increase your ability to fall asleep at night. You will be better able to enjoy undisturbed rest if your body is used to a regular pattern of sleep. While this can be tough, you may consider setting up a sleep routine to help improve your ability to stick to a consistent schedule. If your schedule is limited to the daytime, you should replicate night conditions to help you get the full amount of rest that you need.

Reduce blue light exposure

Blue light tricks your brain into thinking that it is still daytime. It will affect your ability to fall asleep. Over time, your body will lose its natural rhythm and you could have an even more difficult time falling asleep. You need to limit the use of devices that emit blue light for yourself and others within your household to increase the ability to fall asleep at the right time. Restrict the use of any phones, computers and TV screens after bed time to keep blue light exposure to a minimum. You can also invest in blue light filters on these devices.

Restore your body’s circadian rhythm

 As mentioned, your body depends on a natural rhythm called the circadian clock. This sleep/wake cycle may cause your body to swing between sleepiness and alertness. It will help you stay alert all day and fall asleep at night. You need to restore your circadian rhythm to enjoy beneficial amounts of rest. 


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