How to increase business sales and profit Through Social Media marketing

As a entrepreneur who need more sales and high profit for your business, there is one key-point that i want you to know today.Did you know that 78% of businesses have dedicated teams for their social media?

Many Nigerians believe content marketing on social media is basically on this process: Create new content either on facebook,LinkedIn, twitter or intagram.

Share the content on social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, then People buy your products/service. Nope. This almost never happens because you got to have the acknowledging, the willpower of social media to attract and engage your customers.

Why not run social media ads because, Social media ads provide the most scalable content promotion and are proven to turn visitors into leads and customers. You can also look for database marketing options, but never underestimate the potential of social media.

Marketing through social media is one of the most versatile and cost-effective strategies that businesses can use to reach their target customers and boost sales over time. That’s why 97% of marketers are using social media ads to reach their customers.

Are you aware that your customers are on social media. Therefore Connecting with your target customers can be easy if you are active on the channels that they use most often like facebook, google search, twitter and instagram.

In other words, don’t make your customers come to you, go to your customers! If you aren’t already on social media, you could be missing out on an important chance to connect with your customers and engage new leads.

Using social media ads can help you increase brand recognition.By posting compelling content that adds value for your target audience and running ads then you are making your brand both more accessible and familiar for new sales and current customers.

As digital marketer, i want you to know that marketing through social media will helps you cut marketing costs,it is relatively inexpensive to run paid ads on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. No matter how small your budget is, you are still able to make an impact on these channels to reach and convert new sales.

Kokolevel social media will help you achieve the following:

  • We shall help you Set up your social media account page also run your ads on facebook, twitter, instagram and google adword depend on your target customers.  
  • We shall develop strategies that meet your client’s goals and PR Sydney will Selectively promote your top business content on social media as well on our website.
  • We shall also Produce content and share it on website and social media and keep maintain it .
  • We shall helps you build stronger customer relationships,this will set you apart from your competition by showing your audience how your brand is different and reinforcing that your business cares about its customers.
  • We shall also create your business banner on our website side page for our readers view.
  • We shall also create and promote your business videos on youtube and on Vimeo site.
  • We shall also help your business Increase the number of followers on social media and do Marketing analysis report on your behalf.
  • If you don’t have a website, there is no big deal about that ,we shall create a page for you on our website that will display your products/service for your target customers

If you want to remain competitive in the digital marketplace, it’s vital that you start working toward building a presence on social media. Social media content allows you to not only show a little bit of your brand personality, but it also presents an effective outlet for demonstrating your business expertise and knowledge.



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