How Ohio pastor, Anthony Haynes, turned teenage girl into s*x slave ,Encouraged Other Church Ministers

A minister of God in Ohio, Anthony Haynes reportedly had s*x with his teenage ward daily and later encouraged two other pastors to have s*x with her as well, federal prosecutors in Ohio, USA, said Monday.

The two other Toledo-area pastors charged in the investigation have pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing.The pastor who promised a woman he’d take care of her daughter, only to begin having s*x with the teenager, could face up to life in prison if he’s convicted of child sex trafficking and other charges.

Prosecutors said during the opening of Haynes’ trial that he first had s*x with the girl when she was 14. They said the evidence against him includes text messages, photos, voice mails and DNA evidence from his church where the girl said they often had s*x.

Haynes’ wife and stepdaughter were  also accused of abducting the girl at gunpoint in January and warning her not to testify at his trial. Alisa Haynes, wife of the former Toledo pastor, was charged with tampering with a witness, victim, or informant.

Haynes’ attorney, Pete Wagner, told jurors that the allegations are shocking, but there’s not enough evidence to prove the trafficking and conspiracy charges he faces.

Attorney Pete Wagner also said Haynes may have had a questionable relationship with the girl, but he didn’t coordinate or take part in trafficking her to the other ministers. He also said there was no paying for s*x.

Haynes pledged in front of his congregation to protect her and serve as a father figure, but he began grooming her for sex when she turned 14 and first forced her to perform s*x facts in front of him, said Michael Freeman, an assistant U.S. attorney.

They had s*x day after day, often at a motel or his church, the Greater Life Christian Center in Toledo, and Haynes would give her cash, Freeman said.

After about a year, Haynes introduced her to Kenneth Butler, another pastor, and he also began having s*x with her, Freeman said.

Sometimes, the two men joked about the arrangement, prosecutors said. One text shown in court that prosecutors say was sent by Butler to the girl said: “You better be nice and naked when I get there.”

In addition to the charges against the men, Haynes’ wife and stepdaughter are accused of abducting the girl at gunpoint in January and warning her not to testify at his trial.

Court documents say the pair forced the teenager from her apartment, choked her with a cord and told her to take back statements she made to investigators. Attorneys for Haynes’ wife and stepdaughter have declined to comment.

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