Dallas-area woman, Johana Villafane mauled to death by her own pit bulls were being quarantined

A  Dallas-area woman Johana Villafane, 33-year old mother of two has been mauled to death by her own dogs at an animal shelter where they were being quarantined at the animal shelter so they could be tested for rabies after biting someone earlier in the week.

Staff at the animal shelter found Villafane lying on the ground severely injured. They had tried to rescue Villafane but called police and paramedics when the dogs wouldn’t let anyone close to her.

The aggressive dogs prevented medical personnel from quickly reaching Villafane. A police officer shot and killed both animals and the woman was taken to a hospital where she died.

A neighbour of the woman Grant Dickey said,that the dogs broke through his fence during the previous incident and escaped into the neighbourhood.

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