Tyga Getting Sued For $128k Of Broken Leases car payment on Ferrari and Rolls Royce

The Rapper Tyga failing his car payment isn’t something new. Back in 2016, he was still getting Kylie a Maybach for her 19th Birthday amidst serious money problems.

The rental car company called Midway Rent-A-Car Tyga rented a 2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost and a 2012 Ferrari 458 Spider back in 2016. Midway says that Tyga stopped making payments before the lease ended and now owes the company almost $44k on the Ferrari and over $84k on the Rolls Royce. The grand total Tyga owes is $127,789.73.

Despite multiple attempts to collect payment, the rental company claims Tyga hasn’t forked up the money, so they’re suing him for the full amount plus attorney fees and interest.

Over the weekend at Floyd Mayweather’s birthday party, Tyga got into an argument with two men who had leased him a Maybach. Tyga was paying $6,000 a month, but reportedly fell behind on payments and the vehicle was repossessed last month. After reportedly threatening the men, Tyga was dragged out of the club by security before attempting to pull his bodyguard’s gun.

In 2015, Tyga gifted his then-girlfriend with a Ferrari. It was later found out that he couldn’t afford the pricey ride so he had leased it on Kylie’s name. Now that it turns out Tyga has more than one car rental angry at him and a lawsuit


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