The Cops Almost Made Young Thug Miss The Grammy Awards

How crazy would it have been if Young Thug missed the opportunity to be present at the venue hosting an award show and giving out a Grammy award he is yet to win and was nominated for, all because he broke traffic law? Well it almost happened but then it didn’t.

Law enforcement sources revealed that “Young Thug ” and his pals were cruising in a van and got pulled over by the cops for traffic violation in WeHo. Minutes later, Young Thug and the passengers that were in the car with him found themselves out of the vehicle and in cuffs.

They were all told to line up in front of a McDonald building at some point, with Thug even seen with his hands over his head.

However, one of Thug’s passengers ran out of luck when he claimed a firearm the police saw was registered. The police discovered that it wasn’t and got him arrested and detained while Young Thug and his other friends were allowed to go freely.

It was all smiles at the end of it all as Young Thug won his first Grammy award for his effort on Childish Gambino’s “This Is America.”


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