Rapper T.I’s daughter Deyjah Harris slammed man who questioned why she wore makeup

T.I’s daughter Deyjah Harris has pummeled a man who addressed why a 17-year old girl like her is wearing cosmetics. The online troll took to her page in response to an image she posted which demonstrates her looking faultless on cosmetics

Reacting to the picture, the man called for a law which will restrict teenagers from wearing makeup in order to prevent men from going to jail.

“Females like this is the reason n*as go to imprison. We gotta make a law where chicks can’t go through make up til they 18 I’m tired of this st”, he tweeted.

Responding to the man’s tweet, Deyjah Harris pummeled him by expressing that makeup isn’t the motivation behind why men go to jail.

“@b_zooee … . nas go to jail in light of the fact that they’re pigs and aren’t directly in the head, not on the grounds that somebody is doing makeup. you believe shouldn’t wear makeup due to nas and their debased personality? Man eff y’all!!!!!

I don’t live for y’all nor do I wear cosmetics for y’all. this remark is very idiot and demonstrates a ton about you and your state of mind. we gotta make a law where unimportant a** men simply disregard ladies, mind their business and more importantly, stay in their place. have a blessed and highly favored day.”


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