R.Kelly ate best meal immediately he gets out of jail

The singer R. Kelly,had been bolted up all weekend at the Cook County Jail on s*x abuse charges after turning himself in Friday.

“R. Kelly’s first stop after getting out of jail is the McDonald’s in River North,over the weekend in jail ordered a quarter-pounder meal with a soda and some coffee. He likewise requested BBQ ssauce on the side over the weekend while waiting to be released on bond.

The singer may have a full plate of issues at the present time, but at least he also had the best meal in jail Monday after his lawyers posted the necessary $100k he had to cough up to fulfill his $1 million bond.

The R and B singer was benefited from Saturday and Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner,he went directly to a McDonald’s the place he was allegedly welcomed by a few fans, including ladies and kids, who took selfies and blared his music.

The Golden Arches in River North is considered a tourist attraction and was once dubbed Chicago’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s” on account of its musical theme.

Social media users say it’s a popular spot for teens and underage kids to hang out and Kelly was apparently known to visit regularly over the years.

The question on everybody’s thoughts since he handed himself over on Friday however, what the heck did Kels eat in jail?


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