Notorious London-based Nigerian Fraudster Kazeem Akinwale convicted In UK

London-based Nigerian man Kazeem Akinwale, 43, who was caught after Christie’s auction house reported an attempted diversion fraud has been convicted after a National Crime Agency investigation.

Ola Gapiano, as prominently called by friends was found guilty of fraud and possessing criminal property after he attempted to trick a customer of the auction house, Christie’s acknowledged what had occurred, did not pay the money and reported the hack which initiated the investigation into prolific money launderer who processed more than £6m.

Akinwale controlled bank accounts that processed more than £6 million pounds and took commissions of about £73,000, the agency said.

The 43 years old was sentenced for ownership of articles for use in misrepresentation (PC and telephones), having criminal property (beneficiary bank accounts that processed £6,087,596.37); exchanging criminal property (using secondary bank accounts he also held), and procuring criminal property his commission of £73,270.86.).

In April 2016 he was arrested at east London home and officers recovered a Toshiba laptop, a gold iPhone and a white Samsung phone which all belonged to him.The jury also heard that Kazeem was a prolific go-to money launderer for fraudsters all around the world.

The devices contained numerous references to laundering fraudulent cash, and references to bank accounts belonging to worldwide victims and also those being used to receive and transfer the money.

Jamie Horncastle, an NCA officer, said in a press release. “Akinwale was a key player for organized criminals the world over,” “Every serious and organized crime group relies on cash flow, so taking Akinwale out of action will disrupt very many criminal networks.”


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