Kanye West hires famous saxophonist Kenny G to play for Kim Kardashian on Valentine’s day

Kanye West amazed his wife Kim Kardashian for Valentine’s Day by hiring famous saxophonist Kenny G , real name Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, to play for his soulmate Kim in their living room loaded up with red, white and pink roses.

The mother of three Kardashian took to Instagram to share the upbeat minute as the saxophonist played in the midst of an ocean of roses in individual glass vases on the floor.

Kim absolutely appeared to be satisfied with the treat, and tweeted:NO BIG DEAL KENNY G IN MY LIVING ROOM!!! Upbeat Valentines Day”.

In an Instagram page, Kanye can be seen radiating as he wears a dim sweater and looks on at his wife watching the performance.

In another post, she named Kanye West as the best spouse. “[Best] spouse award goes to mine!!!!Most thoughtful gifts ever!!!”

Sharing a photo of the them two looking lost in affection while Kenny G played an interpretation of “Some place over the Rainbow”, Kanye West wrote:

“Happy Valentine’s Day Babe!!! I cherish you to such an extent!”

Kim and Kanye have been hitched since 2014 and they have three kids together.


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