Jose Mourinho accepts one year jail term for tax evasion in Spain

Former Real Madrid head coach Jose Mourinho has accepted one year jail term for tax evasion to the turn of €3.3million, although the Portuguese will not serve any jail time.

Mourinho who went to the Provincial court on Tuesday will also pay a fine of £1.75million.his image rights in 2011 and 2012 when he was the manager of Real Madrid

In March 2010, Mourinho was hired to head Real Madrid head coach and moved to the Spanish capital. In any case, in the accompanying two years, the coach “did not pronounce any income from his image rights. ” This avoidance cost the Tax Agency €1.6 million out of 2011 and nearly €1.7 million of every 2012.

The tax ministry and Mourinho’s defence lawyer team had consented to trade the year jail sentence with a day by day fine of €250 for two years, proportional to €182,500, as under Spanish law imprison terms under two years can be served under probation.

Mourinho told reporter, “I answered, I didn’t contest it, I paid and I signed an official agreement with the state under which everything was definitively closed.

“That’s why I’ve been here five minutes today to say to the judge exactly what I’m telling you,


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