Chelsea Are Now Losing Big Games Like Arsenal – Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher has expatiated on what he meant when he said Maurizio Sarri has turned Chelsea to Arsenal.

He uttered these words after Chelsea got thrashed by Man City this week.

His words then, “I called a couple of Chelsea performances a disgrace going into this game – this is as bad as anything.

“Looking at Sarri, he’s obviously only just over halfway through his first season, but the worst thing I could say is it looks like he’s turned Chelsea into Arsenal.

“That Arsenal team that used to get battered for the last seven or eight years away from home in big games because they were too weak.

“You could never say that about Chelsea, no matter what’s gone on, that they were weak.

“We are watching a really weak football team here.”

He has now come out to reveal what he actually meant with the statement.

He said Chelsea are beginning to accept defeat in matches against their top rivals like Arsenal did.

His words, “Yes [I stand by it],”

“The reason I say that is because probably for the last five or six years when I’m watching Arsenal, they get rolled over in big games.
“There’s been an 8-2, I think at Man United, there was a 5-1 at Anfield a few years ago, there was a 6-0 against Chelsea.

“What we are seeing now from Chelsea is very similar.

“It’s not losing big games, it’s how they’re losing them.

“What I saw yesterday [Sunday], you were sort of startled.”


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