Ariana Grande sued by artist Vladmir Kush for copyright infringement using his concept in music video

God is a woman, video released in 2018,by Ariana Grande has lead her into law suit by artist, Vladmir Kush

Vladmir Claim that Ariana Grande use his idea in her music video ‘God is a woman,she rip-off of his idea as Ariana Grande used similar concept.

The artist said, the concept was taken from a painting he did 20 years ago about a woman in a candle light which he named ‘The Candle’ and ‘The Candle 2’. Both paintings feature the woman as a wick raising alarm over a cloudy sky.

In the work of art a lady holds the light of the profound light scattering the dim night of numbness,’ he explained. ‘Inspired by spiritual passion she turns herself to the invisible forces of cosmos controlling the elements on Earth.

In a suit filed last year, Vladmir Kush said,the film used her work without her consent, which she brought in court docs ‘both a grievous infringement of federal law and an attack against the artist, her livelihood, her legacy and to artists everywhere’

Vladmir Kush is now suing Frenjoy and Ariana Grande for copyright infringement and also wants her music video removed from the internet.


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